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Butterflies, Kittens & Quilts

Hello everyone! My name is Ruth, and I'm a quilter, printer, and graphic illustrator. Before the pandemic, I was constantly busy with a printing business with my hubby. Our daughter Barbra worked with us. She and I created a book "Originals for Quilts", and also quilt patterns. She also joined me in creating quilting design templates for Quilting Creations International in 1998. 

(More about Barbra in a later blog to come.)


Barbra and I love cats. I'm without a cat right now, but I often visit my grand-cat-fur-baby as pictured. It's always amusing to see how much cats enjoy quilts, almost as much as we do!

(See our many Cat Patterns!)

I look forward to sharing our quilting journey with you, and I hope you'll join me!

Welcome to our blog!

Whether you're just starting out or already an experienced quilter, I hope to provide Quilters with designs and tutorials to free motion quilting, hand quilting, fusible applique, and more in our blogs.

One of my favorite things about Quilting is the community. Quilt blogs make it possible for quilters to come together and talk about their experiences, tips, and ask questions. I'm hoping you will join us and share your tips
experiences as well.