Will my Printer Print-to-Fabric?


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It's a good question -

To print-to-fabric you will need an Inkjet Printer.  A Laser Monochrome printers will not work - they will print, but the ink not be washable or print well to your fabric.

Inkjet Printers will print to fabric - will it be washable? One good test is to print to paper, moisten your finger and rub it across the printing. If it doesn’t smear, then your ink is waterproof.

Inkjet printers are either pigment-based or dye-based. Most older inkjet printers were dye-base. Today however, there is little difference between current dye-based and pigmented inks, with the slight edge going to pigmented inks. I still like to test the fabric printing before stitching to my quilt or handmade item.

Wash as you would your quilt, with no harsh detergents, and do not use fabric softener. Allow to dry - press with an hot iron, and if all looks good, you can feel confident to create your quilt label for your quilt.


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