Creating a Quilt Label from Our Quilt Label Designs for Printing to Fabric

• Our Quilt Label Design sheets are in JPEG format, allowing you to treat them as photos. You can crop the label of your choice, place it in a document for printing, and adjust its size by 20% or more. Add a text box, format your fonts, and print. You can use any word processing program such as Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, or Adobe InDesign, or even Excel if you prefer.

• However, basic computer knowledge is required. I know it sounds difficult, I have sample labels for you to try to practice, please find them in top menu -



See All Our Quilt Labels to Print-to-Fabric here -


• You will also receive a PDF for printing, this can be used to print on fabric using a permanent marker/Sharpie to add your information.

• If you have questions about printing on fabric, please visit our "blogs", and for more information, contact me here in comments or email.

• And If you have experience with quilt label printing, fusible applique, or marking a quilt, please share your insights so others can benefit.

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